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Rotator cuff tears are common in almost everyone - some people can go through their whole life without knowing they even have one (or multiple)! In certain people, rotator cuff tears can progress to the point where they can significantly impact one's ability to reach, lift, work, carry, dress, or even sleep.


Many people will first seek an opinion from an orthopedist or obtain MRI imaging of their shoulder confirming these tissue abnormalities. While this path is appropriate for some individuals, people who seek physical therapy as their first option typically have better outcomes and save money. Some may even recover enough from the right rehabilitation to the point where they don't require surgery because they are feeling and moving better. That's right - even with a rotator cuff tear.

Because everyone's starting point is different, it's important to first undergo a comprehensive evaluation that will ultimately point you in the right direction. One that restores your function and gets you some relief.

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