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Hip pain can be due for a variety of reasons; therefore, a comprehensive evaluation will help us determine the source of your symptoms which will include examination of your lower back, pelvis, hip, knee, and lower leg. Because the hip is a ball and socket joint, not only does it have to demonstrate great flexibility in all directions, it also requires muscular strength around it so that we can remain stable and functional with everyday tasks. Therefore, if you are struggling to stand, walk, sit, dress, transition, sleep, or perform your work-related duties due to hip pain, please reach out and we can get you on the right path to feeling and moving better. ​

As a physical therapist, common diagnoses I evaluate and treat include, but are not limited to: osteoarthritis, labral tears, stress fractures, tendonitis, great trochanteric bursitis, sacroiliitis, strains, sprains, and even post-surgical hip repairs. 

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