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Arthritis Pain Relief in Sioux Falls, SD


What is arthritis?


Osteoarthritis is a common progression of aging - no one is immune from this normal biological process. Just like the wrinkling of one's skin or greying hair, we can anticipate its effects to be present at some point in our lives. It can affect all joints of the body from our head to our toes but is most commonly seen around the spine, shoulder, hips, and knees. Common symptoms of osteoarthritis are joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. This is confirmed clinically via radiographic (x-ray) imaging by your orthopedic or primary care physician.

That being said, the rate and severity of this progression varies between individuals and can have profound impacts on one's daily life and function. Some people can experience its effects and continue without much pain or disability. Others, unfortunately, struggle with severe discomfort hindering them from their activities of daily living.

It should be noted that all joint pain shouldn't be chalked up to "old age". Further investigation is necessary and warrants a comprehensive evaluation for treatment by a physical therapist to mitigate its effects and prevent the progression of further joint degeneration. 

What can Movement Restoration Physical Therapy do to help me?

Because arthritis is a joint disorder that affects movement, it's important to improve the health and function of the surrounding structures to reduce swelling, stiffness, and weakness. Studies show that a combination of manual therapy techniques, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, strengthening weakened muscles, and adopting protective movement strategies are effective at treating the source of your pain.


If you're sick of managing your pain with medications and injections or you're looking to prevent costly surgery, I'd encourage you to call 605-501-6685 or click the button below to get started or to learn more. Doing so will allow us to come up with a plan together to treat your symptoms and keeps you in control.


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