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Neck pain and headaches are often brought on due to repetitive stresses at work, from motor vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, trauma, postural dysfunction, or for unknown reasons (frustrating, I know!). Therefore, if you're struggling to move or maintain the position of your neck due to pain and stiffness or if you experience debilitating headaches - I can help! 

As a physical therapist, common diagnoses I evaluate and treat include, but are not limited to: suboccipital headaches, occipital neuralgia, torticollis, migraines, facet joint syndrome, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, nerve root compression ("pinched nerves"), disc bulges/herniations ("slipped discs"), and postural dysfunction.


Treatment for neck pain and headaches at Movement Restoration combines the use of hands-on, manual therapy techniques followed by therapeutic movements to reinforce improved mobility, strength, and control of your spine.

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