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Patient Testimonials

"I was diagnosed with "adhesive capsulitis" (frozen shoulder) last summer and had never been to a PT for anything. Dr. Eric helped me get full motion back in less than 6 weeks. I now have full range of motion for tennis and pickleball along with my daily activities. I was expecting a much longer recovery period. Eric is very knowledgeable in his profession, eager to adapt a plan that is goal-oriented to reach the outcome that you desire, and all while being very caring. Do not hesitate to contact Eric."

Thanks, Dr. Eric!

-Linda E.

"I went to Movement Restoration because of back and glute pain. Dr. Brown did a great job on explaining the problems I was having and treating those problems. He got me back into race form and I was able to complete the Brookings Marathon 2021 in 3:32:49. I strongly recommend anybody with a problem to speak with Dr. Brown.


Thanks, Dr. Brown!

-Colin B.

I would highly recommend going to Eric. Very thorough and explains the reasons for each exercise he recommends. It’s been only 2 weeks and I already feel stronger in the areas we are working on!

-Tim N.

"Eric has been helping me recover from a knee injury and subsequent medical treatments. He is an excellent listener, who has been able to translate my words into a very effective treatment plan. His directions for how to do each exercise are clear and concise. Eric is a very knowledgeable and caring professional."

-Garret F.

"A year of working from home in a pretty much non-ergonomic environment was making my neck and shoulder pain almost unbearable. Dr. Brown prescribed a series of easy to do at-home exercises that restored my mobility and relieved my pain immensely. For me, it was life-changing. You'll like him!"

-Michael Y.

"I had a first class experience at Movement Restoration with Dr. Brown! Not only was the care and bedside manner outstanding, but the facility, communication with my primary care physician, appointments, follow-up, education, explanation, and actual therapy were all excellent! I would recommend Movement Restoration and Dr. Brown to anyone who is looking for an attentive, knowledgeable, and caring physical therapist in the Sioux Falls area."

-Scott E.

"Eric has been treating me for about six months online for a back issue that has plagued me for nearly 30 years. I had tried everything I knew to get it right but will little progress. Eric's expertise and care has my back feeling better than it has for several decades. I am now able to run, play basketball and do yard work without the cost of days of pain and tightness. Eric is kind, thoughtful, patient, deeply knowledgeable and extremely skilled. The online experience was exceptional. I also really appreciated and utilized the app that provided videos for each of the exercises. I highly recommend Eric for any of your physical therapy needs. You will not be disappointed."

-John R.

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