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Direct Access - No Physician Referral Needed

Did You Know That You Don’t Need A Referral For Physical Therapy?
Find Out More About Direct Access!  

Think you need a referral from a physician to see physical therapist, Dr. Eric Brown, PT, DPT, OCS at Movement Restoration? Well, think again!


Every state, including South Dakota, allows for evaluation and treatment from a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral through Direct Access legislation. Eliminating these barriers results in more effective and quicker healthcare. Think about it. You wake up with an aching back that gets worse instead of better. You call the doctor and discover that you can’t be seen for three more days. That’s three more days of pain. With Direct Access, you can see a Physical Therapist today without waiting to see your doctor, and jump-start your recovery. The sooner you get to see a Physical Therapist, the sooner you’ll be on the road to feeling better. Plus, it saves you money and allows you to get back to your regular lifestyle more quickly. Direct Access is all about making personal choices without regulations. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your own healthcare.

Which Insurance Plans Cover Direct Access?

Although insurance is always changing, most major health insurance companies are covered under Direct Access. As long as the Physical Therapist establishes a plan of care for the patient, care is covered under Medicare. Just keep in mind that for continued treatment, the Physical Therapist must have the plan of care approved and signed off by a licensed doctor.

Studies About Direct Access in Physical Therapy Have Shown That:

  • Patients reported a higher level of satisfaction when they received physical therapy through Direct Access versus physician referral.

  • Patients receiving Physical Therapy through Direct Access versus referral had better outcomes at discharge.

All around, Direct Access is changing the landscape of healthcare.

Want to know more? Contact Dr. Brown at Movement Retoration today!

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