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Foam Roller.jpg

Foam Roller

A tool to enhance a mobility or stretching routine.

Lumbar Roll.jpg

Lumbar Roll

Improve your posture with a simple supportive device. Your spine will thank you.

stretching strap.jpg

Stretching Strap

Simple. Effect. A great way to maximize a stretching routine.


Massage Ball

A tool to help address the hard to reach areas and assist in localizing pressure to tissue.



Optimize your day by utilizing an ergonomic desk that you can raise and lower. Varidesk makes multiple products to meet your needs. Check out their product page for different options.

Elastic Resistance Loops.jpg

Resistance Bands

Tools to enhance your strengthening regimen. Different colors represent varying resistance.

treat your own back.jpg

Treat Your Own Back Book

It's important to take your health into your own hands. When you have back pain, this can help be a guide to helping yourself feel better.

treat your own neck.jpg

Treat Your Own Neck Book

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