Do I need a referral from a doctor?

South Dakota law declares patients who seek physical therapy do not require a referral from a physician and are unrestricted from getting the care they need.  That being said, I will communicate with your physician to ensure you get the best outcome and so they are in the loop.   If your insurance plan requires a referral or authorization before starting care, I will help you take the necessary steps to help you jump that hurdle.  Still unsure?  Give me a call! 

Do you take my insurance?

Because I contract with various insurance companies, please call me at 605.881.3511 to determine your level of coverage. I will let you know what you can expect to pay.

There are significant cost-savings and additional benefits to paying cash upfront at the time of your visit versus utilizing insurance.

Evaluation: $180
Follow Ups: $150

Do you take cash (direct) payment?

Honestly, direct-payment is the best way to go. For both of us! Not only does it keep more money in your pocket by not having to pay a co-pay each visit ($20+), it is also cheaper for you in the long run if your deductible is high. Additionally, not having to deal with the hurdles surrounding insurance allows me to spend more time to work with you so that you can get back to life sooner without your wallet feeling lighter. That being said, I feel every treatment is an investment in your health and an investment is not a cost if it pays you back!


More cost-effective and better outcomes? That's a no-brainer!


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